If you are not familiar with what I am talking about, be informed that thousands of mobile wap sites are codded in WML which stands for “Wireless MarkUp Language“. These WML based mobile wap sites are only built for cell phone browsers. So there is no problem viewing them on hand-held devices. But the problem occurs when we try to access them from our computer’s web browser. Yes if we use opera on our PC, no problem. BUt the most popular desktop web browser firefox cannot load WLM pages. When we enter into a WML wap site, firefox just consider it as a normal file instead of web page! So there is a firefox add-on named “WMLBrowser” which will let you browse any wap site on your computer from firefox!

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How to View Mobile Phone Wap Sites on PC from FireFox :

First download the WMLBrowser firefox extension from here. Then install it. After successful installation, restart the firefox. Now you are done!

Your firefox is now ready to view you any WML coded page on the web as follow.

BBC Wap site Is Viewing on Firefox

BBC Wap site Is Viewing on Firefox

This add-on/extension will work on all Mozilla firefox based browsers including SeaMonkey, Comet Bird, Flock etc. And no matter where you are running firefox like windows, Linux or mac OS X, it will work. Have fun.

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