Amit Agarwal from popular tech blog Digital Inspiration has made an interesting web app with which you can find someone’s sleeping schedule using his/her Twitter account. When I first came across the app, I thought it would fail to tell the actual sleeping cycle. But when I tested mine, I found it showing my sleeping schedule much accurately. Then I checked it with Twitter IDs of some of my close friends, and the reports it shown were enough to consider accurate (I showed the reports to corresponding friends and they told it true).

The app is known as “Sleeping Time” which is hosted at You need to first authorize you own Twitter account with the service and it will then let you input the Twitter username of the target person. You don’t need to follow the target person. Internally the app was written in Python, but now it’s powered by PHP.

So want to find out when someone goes to sleep and leaves bed? This app can be a spy tool for that.

Find when a friend goes to sleep

Knowing Anyone’s Sleeping Schedule

  1. Go to and click on Sign-in with Twitter button.
  2. You will be sent to Twitter to sign in to you profile. Once signed in, click Authorize app.
  3. After authorization, you will be redirected back to Sleeping Time site and there will be a field asking you to enter Twitter username of target.
  4. Enter the Twitter username you are interested about and hit Enter from keyboard. For instance, we are going to find out the sleeping schedule of Bill Gates. Since his Twitter username is billgates, enter it into the field and hit Enter.
  5. Sleeping Time will take you to a new page where it will show the estimated sleeping time-frame of Bill Gates with a visual clock with red mark on sleeping hours.
    Sleeping hours of Bill Gates
  6. As you can see above, Bill Gates is likely to sleep between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. This way you can spy one anyone’s sleeping period.

Wonder when your favorite friends, loved ones, colleagues or favorite celebrates goes to sleep and wake? This service seems to be a fantastic way to reveal that. You are not even asking them anything and they will never know you doing it.

How it Works

Sleeping Schedule reads the time stamp of last 1000 tweets (no problem if the user has less tweets) of a Twitter user and estimates the user’s sleeping cycle based on his/her twitter activity time-frame and idle hours. This also requires the user to have a public profile, or the app wouldn’t work.


First, Twitter profiles of some big celebrates are not at all managed by the owner themselves. They have people to post tweets on-behalf of them. Thus you don’t get the actual person’s sleep timing. Secondly, some has their own time-frame for using Twitter. So having them stop using Twitter from a certain time of the day doesn’t mean they actually goes to sleep.

Regardless of the limitations, Sleeping Schedule is a nice app to reveal someone’s sleeping hours with one or two click. And this is no doubt an innovative work by the author.


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