The popular cloud storage service Google Drive has recently introduced a new feature called “Quick Access”. This feature is very similar to Windows 10’s Quick Access feature which enables you quickly get access to more frequent files that you used recently. Google introduced this feature in September, 2016 as an effort to enhance Drive usability. Quick Access feature uses A.I. and Machine Learning to understand which documents you are going to open next and present them on top of your Folders and Files of Drive as shortcut. Your Drive activity, behavior everything is tracked to predict Quick files.

Google Drive with Quick Access Section

According to Google, it “saves 50 percent off the average time it takes to get to the right file by eliminating the need to search for it.” At first, this feature was only exclusive to G Suite users with Drive App for Android and iOS. Eventually Google enabled it for general public. However this was not available for Web version of Google Drive until now.

Anyway, this feature might be annoying too where privacy is a big concern, such as in a place where you are working with your teammates and Quick Access showing your private or sensitive files. Or you keep such kind of files where this feature does not make any sense for you. So here I’ll show you how to remove Quick Access from Google Drive on both Drive App and Web (in desktop browser).

Way to Remove Quick Access from Google Drive Web

  1. Go to from your desktop browser.
  2. Click on Settings Icon from top-right side. Then click Settings.Access Google Drive web settings
  3. A Settings Pop-up will come up. Look for the Quick Access section that says “Make relevant files handy when you need them.”
  4. Uncheck this option.Google drive web settings
  5. Click Done from top-right corner and refresh your browser to see changes. It should be gone.

Turning Off Quick Access in Google Drive Mobile App (both iOS and Android)

  1. Open the Drive App.

Add and open drive app2. Tap on Hamburger Icon from top-left corner.

Tap Drive Hamburger icon

3. Tap Settings from lower area.

Google Drive Smartphone App Settings4. Look for Enable Quick Access section that says “Get suggestions for time relevant files that you may want to open. Adds a section at the top of My Drive.”

Remove quick access option of Drive5. Turn it off.

Drive quick access feature turned off

You have done removing this shortcut section on your phone’s Drive app.

Anytime you what this feature back, just go to the Settings, do the same and turn it on.


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