Every mobile phone has a unique identification number called IMEI, which stands for “International Mobile Station Equipment Identity“. This number can be used to identify an phone’s critical information, such as originality, vendor, model number, etc. Operators can also check the device’s details, status and location using this IMEI number. Generally a phone’s IMEI number can be viewed by directly dialing to *#06# from the phone’s dialer.  On an Android device, you can also see it from Device Settings > About.

But if you get your Android phone/tablet stolen or lost, you might need to contact the police and your telecom operator. Along with other details, they may require you to provide the phone’s IMEI number too. With IMEI number, an operator can not only track the device, but also shutdown services to it and blacklist as well.

Get Stolen Android phone's IMEI code

Hopefully, you can easily find your Android phone’s IMEI number from Google Dashboard without worrying about where to get it. Google Dashboard is a place where Google represents many of your data among various Google services, and you can view, edit or remove them from one place. If you have signed in to an Android device using your Google account, the device will be listed in the ‘Android’ section of Google Dashboard page. Even if you have disconnected or if the phone has been offline for long time, the device information will stick around there.

Information you get here:

  • IMEI
  • Model Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Carrier
  • Time of last activity
  • Registered date (sign in date of Google account to the device)
  • Backup data saved per app

How to Find your IMEI Number

  1. Visit Google Dashboard at google.com/settings/dashboard and sign in to your Google account (the account you used in the Android phone’s ‘Accounts’ section, the account you used to use Play Store, Gmail app, etc. on the phone).
  2. Locate the Android section and click on it to expand. It should already show the number of devices connected.
    Google Dashboard Android settings
  3. Once expanded, it will show the list of all connected Android phones alone with device details and saved data per application.
    Android device information in Google Dashboard
  4. Pickup your IMEI number.

Alternatively you can lookup your phone’s box (even for iPhones) or money receipt to get the IMEI number.


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