Though viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, rootkits etc all types of computer and mobile malware are hated by all of us, still they are crying needed for some persons. The term malware is used to mean malicious programs or softwares which are made to do illegal or malicious job on our computer or PDA system.  But you may have question, “What types of people need virus samples?”

The persons whose need virus samples:

  • Malware Authors: Malware authors are the main baby of all virus , trojan, worm world. They are the first creator of viruses.
malware author
  • Hackers : Hackers are the number one persons whose are mostly interact with virus. They are engaged in making hack tools, spyware, rootkits to accomplish their hacking and cracking activities.
  • AntiVirus and Security Tool Owners : All antivirus and security software owners must need virus samples. Because all anti-virus, anti-spyware etc work with own malware database. Malware or virus databases are application database where malware definitions and identities are recorded. A virus sample is needed to make its definition.
  • Ethical Hackers : Ethical hackers are actually white hat hackers those research and works for cyber security.  Generally these hackers work in individual company and try to make their company’s computer and online systems more secured so that other black hat hackers will not able to hack their company’s system.
ethical hackers
  • Virus Lovers : Virus lovers are not VIP person as above. These persons are actually very curious about computer viruses. They try to know how they work. Some of them become expert about viruses by researching with them. So they acquire enough knowledge and experience to protect themselves from virus.
  • Computer and Technology Students : Computer students from any computer and technology related subject need virus sample to experiment with them.
computer students
  • Others : Other persons my indicate computer teachers, IT consultants, IT Journalists, Bloggers etc also computer virus sample.

Now you understood why virus samples are useful. But you should care about viruses even if you don’t have above causes. There is a quotation by the author of is “Viruses don’t harm, Ignorance does!This means that viruses cannot harm you if you know about them. But if you always ignore them, you will have little knowledge about them. So they will able infect your system!

Now come about virus sample collection resource from where anyone can collect malware for free. But from the past time of computer’s life, we can see a handsome of web resource for getting virus sample. Anyway, I am now going to introduce you with some of worlds great computer virus sample provider websites:
1. ( is the most popular virus download website on the world. They have the best and biggest collections of all types of viruses for all computer and cell phone operating systems. home page virus collection

Features of vxheaven :

  • Free virus collection for download.
  • All viruses are categorized with their types such as Trojans, spyware, Worms, Rootkits, Hoaxes, Hack Tools, Backdoors, Exploits etc.
  • All viruses are divided with their OS(Operating System) support such as Microsoft Windows(XP, VIsta, 7), DOS, Apple Mac OS X, Linux(Ubuntu, Fedora etc), Java(J2ME, J2SE etc), HTML, BSD, Mobile OS(Symbian, WinCE, Windows Mobile, Android, Palm, iOS, iPhone, Blacberry etc.
  • Virus serving and protecting utilities.
  • Virus creating utilities and generator.
  • Virus news updates and blogs, articles, books etc.
  • Forum for discussion.
  • Virus sources and polymorphic engines.
  • Virus writing writing tutorials.
  • Detailed information about every virus. is another virus serving and blogging site. This site is intended to provide discussion environment by blog and virus samples so that people can share information about viruses. The viruses here are not uploaded by the owner of the site. All viruses are uploads by general people.

virus details at

Features of vxheavens :

  • Any one can upload virus here with simple uploader.
  • Registered users can search and download viruses in zip package.
  • Viruses are protected with the password “infected“. So extract the virus executable(exe, msi, pif, bat etc) files from zip package using the password infected.
  • With free blog, users can share any information or request withe other people.
  • With automatic online antivirus scanner, users can see the alias name of a virus.

3. : is a site of open source viruses. Here you can get various types of viruses, rootkits, hackingtools with their source code. download page

4. : is a site of hackers where hackers and computer vulnerability researchers share there exploit tools and make discussion on them. Here you can get exploits for Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, ASP, PHP, BSD etc. home page

5. : is the site of expert exploit hackers from where you can get many hacking exploits for windows, MAC OS X, Perl, PHP, Win32 etc. home page

There are many other sites for open virus collection. You can inform me if you know more sites.

Warning: is not responsible for any damage of your system caused by virus resources from here.


Jaber is a Programmer and Tech Enthusiast Geek from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is the founder and Chief-Editor of TechGainer. While he is away from his keyboard, either he's fishing or messing with wildlife. In case, you can contact him at rijans[at]techgainer[dot]com.