If you want to prevent Viber from sending your “Seen” status when a friend sends you a message, you can easily turn it off.

Viber, the instant messaging and free call (voice over internet) app for smartphones has become much popular in recent years. Even among teens, it’s a direct competitor to Skype. And it always gets its name listed in upper position among ‘top free’ apps in Android Play Store. Viber has also superior voice quality compared to normal call. This app is not only available for Android or iOS, but also for Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian.

Troll of Viber's "Seen" status in message

In Viber, when a friend of you sends you a message, if your see or read it, your friend will receive a “Seen” text confirming him/her that you have seen the message. In some cases, this a privacy brick. Because, though you have read his/her message, you might not want to send reply instantly, or want to ignore or just want to make him/her believe that you didn’t see the message. Once your “Seen” status has been sent to the other side, you can’t even hide it. So here’s how to disable Viber from sending “Seen” status even though you have read the conversation.

How to Hide your “Seen” Status in Viber Chat

  1. Open Viber and tap on Hamburger icon for Options.
    Viber Options
  2. From bottom area tap on Settings.
    Tap on Settings in Viber
  3. Tap Privacy.
    Viber privacy
  4. Find the option Send ‘Seen’ Status and uncheck it.
    Block Viber from sending your message seen
  5. Come out of Viber options and you are done.

Bonus: You can uncheck Share ‘Online’ status option to prevent others from seeing you as online/available.

Though I have shown the guide using Android version of Viber, this procedure is also applicable for iOS and other mobile platforms. As of now, I didn’t find an option to hide “Seen” status in desktop version of Viber on Windows.

The setting says,” Turning this setting off will hide others ‘Seen’ status from you”. This means if you keep this option disabled, you will also not be able to see ‘Seen’ status of other people you chatting to. Checkout official Viber support page for more details.

However, one thing you should note that, this will not prevent showing your friend the “Delivered” status. Here are details on all Viber message delivery status.


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