Manage all google products services from google dashboardGoogle recently publicly launched a new feature for it’s users where a Google user can get control of his all Google products from one place. This location is named “Google Dashboard” . Google dashboard shows all Google services and products such as Gmail, Google+, GTalk, Picasa Web Albums, iGoogle, Google Docs, Adwords, YouTube and anything else with their preference link associated with your logged in Google account. So it will be very easy to navigate your settings with all Google services where previously you had to go through particular URLs for every specific Google product.

Because you are using multiple Google products and not sure when and how you data, personal information are used or located with Google. So Google took it account and providing this opportunity. Google also permits you download all of your Google data connected to different Google products from Google takeout. What Google is telling about it’s new dashboard system?

“We created the Dashboard to help you answer the question: ‘What information does Google have about me?’ Organized by product, the page displays product-specific data that’s associated with your Google Account”. – Google

Right now, the Dashboard focuses on the most popular products that you use when you’re signed in to your Google Account. Also, the Dashboard shows only data that you generate or that Google records that’s specifically associated with your Google Account. For example, searches you perform when you’re signed in to Web History, or a shipping address you’ve stored in Google Checkout.

Google Dashboard

Let’s Access and Manage your Google product data from Google Dashboard.


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