After the launch of Google+(Google’s new social network), Google recently lunched a cool new service where you can liberate all Google data of associated with the your Google account. That means you can download your all data inside zip archive of different kinds of Google products/services so that you can make backup of your Google contents. This service is named “Google Takeout“. Currently Google takeout supports for Buzz, Contacts and Circles (of Google+), Picasa Web Albums, your Profile, and Stream (also part of Google+) and more products are coming soon. Don’t forget that Facebook also let’s you download your all profile data.

Download all google data in one click by google takeout

Google takeout is brought by an engineering team at Google called “Data liberation front. The purpose of data liberation front is to make your personal Google data portable and let you takeout or in whenever necessary. Because Google now things liberation of your personal data at Google is very important and that’s why Google’s data liberation team makes it easier for you to access you data.

“Users should be able to control the data they store in any of Google’s products.  Our team’s goal is to make it easier to move data in and out” – Data Liberation Front

Data liberation front at google

To download your all Google data or data of certain product, go through .

download google data using google takeout

At the “All of your data” tab, you can download your all Google product data by clicking on create archive. Google will calculate the size of total data and show it before you download the zip archive. Or you can also download archived contents of specific products from “Choose Services”.

Download contents of certain google productsSo I also want to give thanks to Google and Data liberation front to give us opportunity to download our Google products data within seconds with one click.


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