Internet Download Manager (shortly IDM) is a popular file download manager application that can download files in faster and convenient way. IDM also has deep browser integration feature which works quit well. That means when you start to download a file on your browser, IDM can automatically grab the target URL of the file and instantly offer you to download it with IDM.  It’s helpful as the built-in downloader of most browsers doesn’t comes with extra functionality and acceleration. Even you may have noticed that in-house download manager of browsers doesn’t download a file as fast as third party download managers do. And IDM is no exception. Rather, in total functionality, I have found IDM outperform than any other download manager. With IDM integration, you can even get direct download links for web videos. Hopefully IDM downloader integration works for all major browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Opera.

Disable IDM integration from Browser

IDM uses several techniques like browser plugins/extensions, services to integrate into browsers to monitor file downloads and forward them to itself. You will even get notification of installing browser plugin when you install IDM for first time. IDM does it automatically. However, in some cases you may need to disable IDM for one or all of your browsers. IDM has option for that and you can selectively disable IDM integration for one or some of the browsers.

Note: You can prevent IDM from capturing your download in real-time by pressing Alt button on your keyboard while clicking on the download link. This is a great solution which doesn’t require you remove IDM integration.

Guide to Disable IDM Integration on your Browser

  1. Click on IDM system try icon to quickly open it. Click on Options icon from toolbar.
    Go to IDM Options
  2. Under General Tab, you will have the options to remove integration for specific browsers or completely disable it.
    Remove IDM from browser
  3. You can also use File types tab to disable download for specific types of files.

Note: Some users think that removing IDM Extension or plugin from browser or disabling IDM auto startup would be a solution. But it’s not true. Internet Download Manager may prompt file download dialog at most situations if browser integration is turned on.

However, if you want to remove IDM extension from your browser, here are ways:

Remove IDM Plugin/Extension from Browsers

  • Chrome: Go to chrome://extensions/ and look for Internet Integration Module. Disable or Remove it. And go to chrome://plugins/ and look for Internet Download Manager Plugin, disable it.
  • Firefox: Head to Menu > Add-ons > Extensions tab. Look for IDM CC.
  • IE: Tools icon > Manage add-ons > look for IDM integration extension and disable it.

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