Since Mozilla is open source project, there are many high demanded free softwares are developed based on it. Mozilla firefox derivatives are some of them. It has become on of the most used application on the world. Another great thing is it’s open source! So any coder can modify it under GNU LGPL license. Thereby many we can see some popular web browsers which are derived from firefox. Today we are going to know about them.

Top Two Mozill FireFox Based Browsers :

1. CometBird :

Comet Bird Official Logo

Comet Bird Official Logo

CometBird is the best firefox alternative I have ever seen. You will get more features including basic firefox. The outstanding CometBird Web browser is secure, speedy, and totally free; its specially designed features will change the way you use the Web. The upgraded version is even more effective in both performance and privacy protection. The bookmarks auto-synchronizer enables you to use same bookmarks collection anytime and anywhere; Thousands of customizing options are available for personalizing your own CometBird; Powerful security and privacy protection techniques will create a clean browsering environment for you; and its unique password manager and smart address bar will facilitate your browsing and logging in process.!

Comet Bird Preview

Comet Bird Preview

Some Special Features of CometBird Browser :

Online BookmarksUnable to use your own bookmark collection on different computers or different browsers? CometBird leaves you free from this trouble. CometBird bookmark synchronizer keeps all your bookmarks consistent anytime and anywhere!Online Video DownloadWith CometBird, you can download any video/audio/flash that you like to your computer. You only need to right-click the video that is playing, CometBird will save the selected file to your local disk.Word Translator and NotesComeBird has built-in word translator and Comet notes. you will not need to look up for every word, hover your mouse over a word and CometBird will translate into your subject language. Comet notes even help you remember and manage your schedule easily.Superior PerformaceThe page-loading speed is greatly improved by opening new page in a new tab instead of new window, which saves much of your computer memory and disk space.Much SaferAnti-virus software, Pop-up blocker, one-click clearing private data, anti-malware and customized security settings etc, all these techniques are applied to assure you a safe and secure browsing environment.

Download CometBird from here.


2. Flock :

Flock Browser Official Logo

Flock Browser Preview

Flock is another feature rich web browser. Flock pulls all of your favourite people, places and content together in a convenient view and delivers a more personal experience of the web, where its users are more easily connected to what’s important to them.

Flock Browser Preview

Flock Browser Preview

Some Special Features of Flock Browser :

People SidebarGather your friends from your favorite social networks (now including Bebo) with you in the People Sidebar

My World
Everything in Flock comes together in one place: My World. Review your feeds, friend updates, favorites and photo/videos updates.
Media Bar
Quickly find and browse photos and videos from your favorite sites with the Media Bar.
Add favorites sites to Flock with one Click. Save locally or to your online bookmarking account.
Feed Reader
Get updates from your favorite sites delivered directly to Flock’s Feed Reader. Read when you are ready: online or offline.
Photo Uploader
Edit and upload up to 1,000 photos to your favorite services with Flock’s Photo Uploader
Blog Editor
Compose blog posts while online or offline with Flock’s Blog Editor, then publish to your favorite blogging platform when ready.
Be politely notified when you have new mail waiting in your favorite webmail account.
Web Clipboard
Collect any link, text or image for later use with Flock’s Web Clipboard.

Download flock from here.

Conclusion: If your still confused which browser out of above you should choose, I will recommend you to choose CometBird Browser.


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