Have you been waiting for your favorite Facebook friends to come online? Or ever wondered when he/she comes online or available for chat? In fact in most cases it should happen to you. It’s a pain and waste of time to wait for someone to come online and you should have tired in this case! So wouldn’t it be nice if you are busy with your own work and instantly get notified  by your phone when your desired Facebook friends come online? I have written this post right after getting asked by one of my friends, “How do I know when my girlfriend comes online?”

So she comes online right this time

Now if you have an Android or iOS device, there’s some apps got you  covered! So you can concentrate on your own job! Here I’ll show you some of these apps for  Android and iPhone/iPad . You don’t need to be logged in Facebook. They work, no matter you are online or offline.

Side tip: Secretly add Facebook friends without notifying others.

Get Notification on Android Phone

There’s a bunch of apps in Google Play Store to do track of online friends or similar job, but I’ve found the app Online Notifier For Facebook works better than any other app of it’s kind. This app is very simple to use.

Add friends for online alert

In the app, you just click on “+” sign to choose friends  from list for whom you want to get alert when they are available for chat. Once you add, the app will start to track them. In the settings, you can also specify the interval of check. There’s another app named Facebook Friends Notifier also can do it.

Get Notification on iOS Device

If you are using iPhone or iPad, there are lot of apps too in iTunes to track specific friends. Fav Alert can also track how long your friend have been online!

FB online friend notification

Some other iOS apps are Who’s Online and Need You Online for Facebook . Let us know which app you prefer!

Let me know which app worked for you properly.


Jaber is a Programmer and Tech Enthusiast Geek from Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is the founder and Chief-Editor of TechGainer. While he is away from his keyboard, either he's fishing or messing with wildlife. In case, you can contact him at rijans[at]techgainer[dot]com.