When you are newly friends with someone on Facebook, Facebook notifies your other friends with a title like “X is now friends with Y” on their news feed! In most of the time, it shouldn’t look pleasing to you and sometimes it could be embarrassing. When someone knows you are now friend with someone, it may break your privacy. Unfortunately Facebook didn’t make it easy to stop sending notification to others or not showing it your timeline. Though, you can still configure Facebook not to send info about newly added friend activity.


Spy tip: Automatically get notification when your loved one comes online on Facebook.

How to Stop Facebook from Notifying Others about your New Friend Activity

1. Go to your profile page by clicking on you name on Facebook. Then click on “Activity Log“.

Hit activity log

2. Now from Activity Log page, click “Friends” from left-hand side (click “More” if you don’t see it).

Click friends from activitylog

3. In this page, click on the icon as shown below. Here you find three settings, “Highlights and Other Stories”, “New Friend Reports” and “Recent Activity” under “Friend activity can show up in”.

Disable friend activity showing up

Leave all these unmarked(specially “New Friend Reports“)! Then hit okay! You are Done!

Notes: You can also configure “Who can see your friend list?” to show or block Friend list or New friend activity to particular people. These two settings are related. For example, if you set “Only Me” in  “Who can see your friend list?”, no one will be notified about your new friending activity, or see friend list! So if your friend list is set to public, everyone will able to see all of your friends by checking your profile, no matter they don’t get notification.

So now you no more have to worry about becoming friends with someone that you don’t want let others know!


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