Facebook shows birthday reminders in your Facebook’s notification section when one or more of your Facebook friends have/had birthdays. You can easily disable it.

Facebook is an obvious way to keep connected with your friends, family and others. It let’s you get general and critical updates about your friends. And in terms of of birthdays, it’s more useful. Facebook doesn’t miss to let you know about birthdays of your friends. Thus you don’t have to memorize birthday dates of your loved ones. You can even sync Facebook birthdays to Google Calendar and other services.

Birthday notification in Facebook

When you have friends with birthdays, Facebook will show it in notification menu on desktop site and as well as on mobile site as reminder. These notification appears as “X and Y have birthdays today”, etc. Though it helps most users to know their friends’ birthdays instantly, it should rather annoying if you have a lot of friends in Facebook. Even I had experience of getting birthday notifications of seven friends at a time and that was really irritating to me. Also, if you are using Facebook for some specific purposes, you might not be interested in getting birthday notification coming your way.

Thankfully, Facebook has a clear option to disable it. You can either turn it off directly from notification menu when a birthday reminder section appears or from Facebook’s settings. You need to be logged-in to your account.

Turning off from Notification Menu

  1. Move your mouse over the right edge of the birthday notification entry and a ‘x‘ button will appear with a text ‘Turn Off”. Click on it.
    Turn off specific notification
  2. Click Turn Off button when it asks “Turn off notifications for your friends’ birthdays?”
    Hit "Turn Off" button
  3. Right after, it should say “You will no longer receive notifications for your friends’ birthdays.”
    Confirmation after disabling birthday notification
  4. You are done!

Turning off from Settings

  1. Click on arrow button from top-right corner of and choose Settings. Or you can directly go to Facebook settings page at facebook.com/settings.
    Open Facebook settings
  2. In settings page, click Notifications from left side.
    Facebook settings page
  3. Under ‘What You Get Notified About’ section, click on Edit button next to Birthdays.
    Edit birthday notification settings
  4. Choose Off from drop-down menu and hit Close.
    Turn Off birthdays
  5. That’s it.

What will not be Affected

There is a box at right side of your desktop Facebook home page which includes event and birthday insights, other suggestions and advertisements.

Facebook birthday reminder box

The birthday info sits in here will not be affected regardless of the setting I showed above. This section shows how many of your friends have birthdays and offers you to quickly post on their wall in a pop-up window without entering into a friend’s profile.

Facebook birthday box

By this time you can’t disable this section. However, I think this section is more better than getting notifications of birthday alerts.


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