iPhone Travel Budget Planning appsThese top travel budget planning applications for your iPhone are designed to remove the stress from your travel. With these applications, you can budget your individual travel, group travel, stay on budget, and evaluate great hotel deals and much more. Evaluate our list of the top 8 travel budget planning iPhone apps and get yourself the application that suits your needs best.

1. Trip Boss travel manager

Trip Boss™ travel manager helps you manage and synergize your entire travel experience, whether personal or business, domestic or international. Stay on top of your budget, your expenses, travel journal entries, tour itineraries and even calculate your share of a group meal cost. You can get real time updates on currency rates, map-based locations and photo receipts on this app. Configure this flexible application’s user-friendly interface to suit your needs and take it with you on your next travel.

Your daily expenses will be logged into the app using the current rate of exchange. The log is maintained in multiple currencies, depending on the country of travel. However, all your expenses are automatically converted to home currency so that you have a good idea of the overall spend at any time, no matter how many currencies you’re using. The application has an added feature: it contains the names and contact information of hundreds of international travel providers for your use and convenience.

2. Trip Splitter

Figuring out expenses while traveling in a group can be a big bother. Trip Splitter is an app that allows you to split expenses easily amongst travel group members. You can assign colored buttons to each travel member and assign cost split levels to each member. You can easily create and edit expense items, organize dates and track payment types. The application is touch screen, which makes it very easy to use. The best part of this app is that you can have any number of trips going on at once and switch between trips to manage accounts. You can add group members to each trip account and split costs among them. For example, you may take some people to travel to a particular attraction; see this as a trip and create a trip account for it.

3. fxChange Travel Budget

This great app will be your go to solution to track expenses, budget vacations or backpack on a tight budget. With this app, you can create custom expense categories, track payments on each and organize your entire expenses. This allows you to access expenses based on categories such as purchase, food, transport and so on to check if you’re well within budget on each category. Input your own currency exchange rates or retrieve the latest rates from different sites. The app is designed to know each country’s currency, so you can track expenses by country.

4. Travel Budget Tracker

Travel Budget Tracker is another great travel budget planning app using which you can categorize and track expenses. You can use this app offline, which makes it great to use when traveling to areas without Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular coverage. Apart from helping you stay on track of budgets and expenses, this app allows you to countdown the time between trips, so that you can budget your next trip’s budget. This is a useful feature for a frequent traveler.

5. IXpenseit

This application makes your expense tracking and monthly budgeting tasks a breeze. You can use this application to budget your daily expenses or your travel expenses; the flexible features allow themselves to be used for both. . Fix a travel budget and keep track of expenses, store receipts, input and analyze expense data and generate reports to know where your money is going. With this app, you can find new ways to save money while traveling.

6. iTravel Budget

iTravel Budget is a combination travel planner and budget planner; use this app with confidence to plan your trip itinerary and organize your budget. You can create an unlimited number of budgets, for various travel elements and add other travelers to your budget. Recurring expenses are easily tracked, while regular expenses can be categorized, with the ability to create individual expense categories. This app also doubles as a travel cost splitter, if you’re traveling as a group. You can email proposed budgets to your group in advance, thus setting it all out on the table before leaving.

7. Budget Planner

Budget Planner allows you to review your daily budget balances, allowing you to plan your expenses as you travel. You can add multiple profiles to your Budget Planner and assign budgets to various categories. You can export reports to Excel, Quicken and QuickBooks, filter budget summaries and forecast your budget for the duration of your trip. The ability of this application to interface with other applications means that your travel group can review the travel budget in the preferred application. You can email budgets to your group in CSV format as well.

8. Kayak

Kayak is the best application to take along with you on your travel. No matter which part of the world you’re in, get the best possible hotel and flight deals sourced from top sites around the world. Search for car rental agencies nearest to you and compare rates. Kayak is integrated with My Trips which allows you to plan and budget your itinerary as well.


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