3 must have google chrome plugins-extensionsThe Google Chrome browser is getting more and more popular, not just among technical savvy users. According to Statcounter, Google Chrome’s market share is growing about 1% every month, mostly at the expense of Internet Explorer. There are many reasons for the steadily growing popularity, one of them is the possibility to customize the browser with themes, apps and extensions that change the looks and also add more functionalities.┬áHere are three must-have and one of the best plugins(add-ons) for Google Chrome.

Google Chrome extensions and themes are mostly free and can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Finding the right ones is not so easy, these are the ones you definitely shouldn’t miss out on:

Adblock Plus

This extension got famous in the Firefox browser and was downloaded more than 120 million times. Recently Adblock Plus was ported to Google Chrome as well. Adblock Plus is an easy to use adblocker, once installed all ads like banners and popups are removed from any website, even video-ads on youtube.com can be blocked.
Install Adblock Plus now!

Turn Off the Lights

Watching videos that are embedded on a website can be quite a hassle, especially when the video is surrounded by distracting animations. Turn Off the Lights is a simple but clever extension that lets you watch videos in the cinema mode. By clicking on the icon, the background fades dark and the video can be watched without any distraction.
Install Turn Off the Lights now!

Web of Trust

There are many fraudulent websites out there and usually you often notice only when it is too late. Web of Trust warns you when you are trying to access a website that isn’t trustworthy, e.g. because of bad data protection policies. A community of millions of users rates websites based on a set of criteria and you are automatically protected from visiting a site that someone else has had bad experiences with.
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I am one of the editors of Chrome-Plugins.org, a non-profit project that aims to review the best extensions, apps and themes for Google Chrome.