Many times my friends asked me “How can I stop coping my computer’s files by others”. Even I also used to feel necessary for this functionality so that when any one will try to steal my files, he will not able to do it. This functionality is for those who don’t want to hide certain files from others but prevent from being copied. But if you want to completely hide and lock your files or folders, you need to go through at “Best free file/folder and file locker software” . There are many ways to do that with different kinds of programs. But I found a way to it with a very tiny tool. Let’s how it works.

Disable Copy/Paste Functionality With Agent.exe :

1. First you need to download the agent.exe program from here.

2. Simply run this file. Nothing will happen. Actually agent.exe is working in background and prevent files or folders from being copied.

3. To check it, whether it is working or not, simply copy any file and try to pasted it into another place. But you will not able to do that. Because the paste button is disabled which will look like as follows:

Copy button is disabled

Copy button is disabled

4. Now you are done. No one will not able to copy a single of your files or folders without disabling this background program.

However, to enable the functionality, follow the following steps..

How to Disable Agent.exe :

1. Go to your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete from keyboard.

2. Now from “process” tab, find out the program “agent.exe”.

agent.exe is running and visible in process tab

agent.exe is running and visible in process tab

3. Right click on it and select “End this Process” .

Stop the program by clicking on "end process"

Stop the program by clicking on “end process”

4. After ending the program’s process, your copy-paste functionality will work as before.

I successfully tested this program on windows XP and 7. It should also work on Vista and server 2003/2008.

Attention: This tool may by detected by your antivirus.  So don’t be confused whether it is virus or not.

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