Shortening URLs (web links) becomes necessary when you need to share a long URL somewhere. As long links look ugly and take a lot of space, we have to use a web service that produces short forms of the URLs we provide. These services keeps the original URLs in their database and redirects short URLs to the original ones. Thus public URL shortener services are a lot helpful to shorten long URLs.

Firefox URL Shortener Add-ons

If you are someone who have to shorten URLs from time to time, visiting as URL shortener service and manually converting the URLs cost you extra time. Having a shortening system integrated into your browser that will let you shorten your current page URL with one click saves a lot of time. Previously, I have mentioned about an extension that lets you shorten URLs right from Chrome context menu. Here I will show two Firefox add-ons that integrates similar and more options.

Shortly URL Shortener

Firefox right click URL shortener

With Shorty, a simple Firefox add-on, you can just right-click on your page of which you want to shorten URL to get the option to shorten. Shortly will instantly produce a shortened URL with a notification that will be copied to your clipboard. You will be able paste the link anywhere you want.


Alternatively you can click on Shortly button on Firefox toolbar. It uses the URL shortener service However it doesn’t have option to use any other service of your choice.

Shortly Features

  • Right-click entry and Toolbar button.
  • Copy URL to clipboard.
  • Customize keyboard shortcut.
  • Show shortened URL near address bar.

Cutyfox URL Shortener

Cutyfox Context menu

Unlike Shortly, Cutyfox comes with extra option to choose the shortener service you want.

Cutyfox addon options

For, you can also use sign in. Like Shortly, it also adds a shortcut button to toolbar.

Cutyfox Features

  • Right-click menu and toolbar button.
  • Instantly copy to clipboard.
  • Option to change Keyboard shortcut.
  • Bit-ly authentication.
  • Top Services and
  • Customize display options.

If you are unsure which add-on to use, I suggest to choose the first one, I mean Shortly, which is very simple and ready. Shortening URLs right from your Firefox browser was never been easy.


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