When you are visiting a webpage, found something interesting somewhere that worth share or you need to share a link with someone, you may need to shorten the URL of that link if the link is long. To do so, in most cases you have to visit a URL shortener service and then input the main long URL. After that, the service provides you a short link of the long link. These steps take some time. What, if you can directly shorten the link right from your Chrome browser’s context menu(right-click menu)? There is a great Chrome Extension that integrates this feature for you!

Chrome Extension to Shorten Long Links right from Context Menu

This free Chrome Extension Context Menu URL Shortener from Chrome app store makes this feature perfect! You can follow the provided link to the extension and add it to your chrome browser. That’s it! Now visit any web page and right-click on your mouse and you will see a section named something like “Copy Short URL” in the context-menu like the following!

Copy short url in context menu

When you load a page, this extension automatically scans the URL and shorten it! You can also configure it for which link shortener service to use. To do so, go through Chrome Control Icon > Tools > Extension.

Access Extension settings in chrome

In the Chrome’s Extension manager page, you will find “Context Menu URL Shortener” with a link to “Options“. Enable “Allow in incognito” to work it in incognito mode.

Context menu url shortener

Click on Options to configure it your way.

URL Shorter Options

This extension has features like, multiple URL shortener services to your menu if you frequently use more than one service. It also has account and API support.
So, now you no longer need to visit a site just so you can click the ‘shorten’ button in your browser bar, or manually copy/paste the URL into a shortener site! This extension very handy for those when share links very often. Let us know how useful it is to you!


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