If you are using any of Google’s major desktop applications like Chrome, Google Drive, Picasa or Google Earth, you may have noticed that a program named GoogleCrashHandler.exe (shown as Google Crash Handler in Windows 10 and 8) is running in background which can be seen using Task Manager. This process seems to exist even if you close Google’s programs. This might bother you with questions like ‘what is it?’, or ‘how did it come?’, etc.

Chrome Crash Handler running in Task Manager

What is GoogleCrashHandler.exe?

According to Google, “GoogleCrashHandler.exe runs continuously on your computer if you’ve selected to send anonymous usage statistics and crash reports to Google for certain Google software, like Google Chrome. It helps send crash details to Google when your Google software unexpectedly shuts down. We use this data to help determine how to prevent these errors from happening in the future.”

This means, some Google software has features to automatically send your usage data and crash reports to Google servers anonymously (your privacy is protected as Google said) so that they can debug remaining problems in their products and improve them further. Google Crash Handler program stands for that purpose. This sounds GoogleCrashHandler.exe isn’t an evil.

How it was Enabled?

Google didn’t forcefully enabled this. When you were downloading those Google products (from official site) you were offered an option whether you should send usage statistics and crash reports to Google or not:

Chrome install dialog

If you happened to turn it on, that is the reason Google Crash Handler running on your system now. Fortunately as it’s an opt in feature, you can easily turn it off and prevent running again. Also, if you intentionally enabled sending using statistics and crash reports from Google software’s settings, now you know how to disable it.

How to Remove or Stop Chrome Crash Handler from Running

If you are using multiple Google software like Chrome, Drive , etc. on your machine, you need to disable it for every software. Follow following instructions if you have corresponding software installed your your PC.

For Chrome:

  1. Open Chrome settings. Or copy chrome://settings/ in a new tab and press enter.
  2. Click Show advanced settings.
  3. Remove tick-mark from Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google.
    Disable sending usage statistics
  4. Restart Chrome.

For Google Drive:

  1. Right-click on Google Drive icon from Windows System Tray.
  2. Choose Preference after clicking on Settings icon.
    Google Drive Preference
  3. Under Advanced tab, in System settings, remove tick-mark from Send crash reports and usage statistics to Google.
    Disable Google Drive Crash Reports
  4. Hit Apply.

For Picasa:

  1. Select Tools > Options.
    Picasa Toolbar Tool
  2. Under General tab, remove tick-mark from Send anonymous usage stats to Google.
    Disable Picasa Usage statistics
  3. Hit OK.

For Google Earth:

  1. Select Tools > Options.
  2. Under General tab, uncheck Send usage statistics to Google.
    Disable Google Earth Usage Statistics
  3. Hit. OK.


Unless you have purpose, you shouldn’t disable Chrome Crash Handler as it enables Google make our beloved softwares better and error-free. Interestingly this article also covers how to disable sending usage statistics to Google for most of Google desktop products.


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