MSN Messenger Spy Applications Can Save LivesIt is 100% true: If you are a parent of children who use the computer to surf the Internet, then MSN Messenger Spy can truly save lives. Because while we would love to believe that our children are completely safe when online, nothing could be further from the truth. Not only do parents need to be concerned about online predators like those seen on programs like To Catch a Predator, bullying from peers is also a growing problem. To safeguard against these potential threats, more and more parents are turning to computer monitoring applications like MSN Messenger Spy.

See Who Children Are Talking To Using MSN Messenger Spy

Adolescents in particular are heavily influenced by people in their social network making it vital for parents to know who is communicating with their children. Unfortunately, many children today are more familiar with computers than their parents making it easy for them to “hide” contacts. MSN Messenger Spy reveals a child’s entire online social network and show parents exactly who their children are contacting online—even their “hidden” contacts!

Learn Exactly What Children Are Saying

Do your children have contacts in MSN with really “odd” user names that really make you wonder what they could be talking about night after night? Have you tried to see what they are talking about but discovered your children are deleting IM’s? Well with MSN Messenger Spy, you can finally see what your children are saying to all of their online friends! This is because MSN Messenger Spy will make a copy of all incoming and outgoing IM’s before they can be deleted so parents can read them at their leisure.

But Instant Messages or IM’s are not the only form of online communication that vigilant parents need to monitor. Phone calls made over the Internet, or VOIP’s, are another popular online communication format that parents should monitor. Fortunately, MSN Messenger Spy can be configured to secretly record all VOIP’s for parents to monitor at their convenience.

For Maximum Protection, Parents Need to Monitor All Computing Activities

Although MSN Messenger Spy provides great tools for seeing who children are talking to and what they are saying, it is insufficient to monitor all computing activities. After all, what websites are children visiting and what are they doing when they get to those sites? If you don’t know the answer to that question then you really need PC monitoring software that includes the following features:

  • Keystroke Log
  • Automatic Screen Shots Whenever New Website is Visited
  • MSN, Yahoo, and Skype Voice Call Recording
  • MSN Messenger Spy
  • Surround Recording (makes recording of computer’s surroundings)

Yahoo Messenger Spy can help protect children from online threats by monitoring and recording all IM’s and VOIP’s. But for the best protection, you really need to use comprehensive computer monitoring software that can monitor all computing activities for parents to review at their convenience.


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