On 19th October, 2014, Firefox developer Mozilla corporation ends the long-term 10 years partnership with Google and makes a new 5 years deal with Yahoo. As of this, Yahoo will be the new default search engine on Firefox (for US and international versions) for the next five years at least. You can check the announcement on Mozilla blog. This means whenever you search something on Firefox using either of  search bar from toolbar or the big search box from the startup or new tab page, you will see search results from Yahoo.

Search using Google on Firefox

Note: Yandex is default search engine in Russia and Baidu in China.

This is okay if you are comfortable with Yahoo search or accustomed to it. But if you are someone who prefers sing Google or not comfortable with Yahoo’s environment, you can always switch to Google as default search engine.

How to Set Google as Default Search Engine on Firefox

  1. Click on search icon arrow next to tool bar search box. Then click Change Search Settings. Alternatively navigate to Firefox Menu > Options > Search tab.
    Change Firefox Search Settings
  2. Choose Google from Default Search Engine drop-down menu.
    Change Default Search Engine on Firefox
  3. That’s it.
Google Search results onFirefox

Google search in action on Firefox

This way, you can change the default search engine on Firefox browser and make it use the search engine you want.


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