Like other modern web browsers, Mozilla’s Firefox also lets users save login credentials like usernames and passwords. This feature enables the users sign in to websites without reentering logins. Most browsers that offer to save passwords also comes with password manager which can be used to view or delete stored passwords on the browser. And Firefox is no exception to this. Any password you saved in Firefox can be viewed in Firefox Saved Passwords manager in Firefox options, under Security settings.

Lock Firefox saved passwords

The problem is, if your PC is accessed by other users from same system account, or if the browser is shared to guest users, they can easily see your saved passwords. This is a huge security risk. Hopefully Mozilla implemented an way to protect your saved passwords/logins by locking down password manager with a master password. With master password enabled, whenever someone clicks on Saved Passwords button, he/she would be asked to enter master password with a prompt.

Way to Lock Firefox “Saved Passwords” with a Master Password

  1. Go to Firefox Options from Menu.
    Firefox Options
  2. Under Security tab, look for the option Use a master password. Turn it on.
    Enable master password
  3. Set your password and hit OK. You should get a confirmation notification dialog.
    Set a master password
  4. That’s it.

Now if someone try to access stored passwords on your Firefox by clicking on Saved Passwords that is under security tab too, it will ask to enter the master password you set. This is how yo can protect your saved logins on Firefox. For more details, checkout official article on using master password.


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