With the phone market as packed as always, how does the HTC Sensation stand out and why should you consider one over the hundreds of other phones on the market? We take a look at some of the Sensation’s best features.

HTC Sensation android phones

Faster Than Most of The Competition

The Aderno Qualcomm 1.2GHz processor is a dual core chip that hammers almost everything else into the ground as far as processing power goes. The device is clocked at a super fast speed and with its RAM of 768MB it is capable of multitasking as well as running heavy software. This all pulls together to ensure the device is a thunderbolt.

HTC Watch

For people who want movies on the go, the Sensation is the handset for them. HTC have included their new Watch application with their phone. HTC Watch allows customers to pay for the latest movies as they wish on a pay as you go basis. The movies show up extremely well on the screen thanks to the excellent 540x960p resolution. The choice of movies is initially limited but there will be an increase in the TV and movies on offer with time and this may make HTC’s service a go-to source of entertainment.

Operating System

HTC’s operating system is excellent and worth purchasing the phone for. The device’s Sense 3.0 user interface looks excellent and is the best add on available for any phone on the market. Sense is on top of the latest build of Google’s Android OS 2.3 Gingerbread, and the two work together beautifully to create a great smartphone experience.


The device’s 4.3” screen is perhaps not as good as the Samsung Galaxy SII outdoors but it performs excellently inside and the 540x960p resolution of the screen is very impressive. The vibrancy and the contrast of colours are fantastic and the screen is very responsive. The large size of the screen combined with the aforementioned HTC Watch application and the Sense 3.0 UI’s snazzy graphics make the phone quite spectacular to use.


The HTC Sensation also has a number of other great selling points. The 1520mAH battery on this device has been greatly improved and keeps that big, bright screen running for a good amount of time. The phone’s body is also a lovely if heavy number. The aluminium construction is solid and has that quality feel to it which HTC phones are famous for. Add to this a great 8 megapixel camera and the ability to record 1080p HD video, and you have an excellent phone. Highly recommended!


Cormac is a guest blogger from Best Mobile Contracts, a UK based mobile phone comparison site that compares over a million deals on the HTC Sensation and thousands of other handsets.