After installing different kinds of softwares on our windows, we see many applications runs automatically after booting up our windows. It happens because these applications add their links at our msconfig’s startup section. It’s very annoying when many applications are added to our startup section or sometime we don’t some particular programs not to start automatically when start windows. These applications also lower our windows performance. Learn how to make your windows computer super fast.
gtalk has auto staartup feature
Popular instant messaging software Gtalk (google talk) has also this option. By default it adds itself to our startup section. So if we no more want to start it we automatically then we can do it.

Two Steps to Prevent Google Talk’s auto Startup with Windows :

Step one :
Open up your GTalk and click on settings.

Click on settings

Click on settings

Now at settings first windows under general settings you will see an option that tells “Start automatically when starting windows” which is by default checked.

UnCheck the auto startup option

UnCheck the auto startup option

Uncheck it as me and then press ok.

Step Two :

It’s by editing our msconfig‘s startup section.

Click on windows start menu and search for msconfig.exe . It’s very easy to find out any program or setting on windows 7 or vista.
In msconfig’s settings at startup tab look for gTalk which is marked. Unmark it then click apply.

Unmark GTalk to stop it's auto startup

Unmark GTalk to stop it’s auto startup

You may need to restart your computer to finish the action.
For me I didn’t disallowed my GTalk from auto startup. But I wrote about it for your need.


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