While working on windows, we need many programs or settings from time to time. But the problem is we don’t get our desired setting or program instantly while need it. But when we are on windows seven or vista, we need to remember that, it’s not windows XP! It’s windows vista or 7. Windows vista or seven is made to be easy and friendly. So why you will waste your time without making use of the OS’s friendly advantages? So what to do when you cannot find a specific setting or program on windows 7 or vista? Let’s see the simple easy step.

search a setting on windows

Get any Setting or Program Instantly by Searching on Windows Vista and 7 :

(I made the process with windows 7)

1. Just click on Start Menu at the left bottom corner. Then you will see a clear Search Bar at the bottom of the Menu Bar. This search is the place where you can get any exist program, setting or file by simple searching. So you will able to get many hidden utilities in windows.

search for any file you want at windows 7 and vista's default search bar

search for any file you want at windows 7 and vista’s default search bar

2. For example you want to get the recent documents viewer. So just simply search for “recent” without quotes. Windows will instantly show you the link for accessing recent documents viewer with icon as below. So we will able to quickly clean up our windows recent documents records.

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search by "recent" for going to recent documents

search by “recent” for going to recent documents

That’s all about getting a program or file easily on windows without wasting time. Have fun.


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