It’s not a problem of having many application connected with you Facebook account. The number of Facebook applications is also increasing day by day. Facebook applications can be used to do more jobs on facebook or they may be used to interact external networks or sites with our account. But the problem is some times we become very tired or disturbed with some Facebook applications. Some apps continuously make spam us messages or some applications post unwanted contents on our wall without attention. So we need to delete them from our Facebook account or we can also restrict them from specific works like automatically posting messages on our wall etc. So Let’s see how to do that.

delete facebook application

Important: How to track who has deleted you from his/her facebook account.

Way to Remove an Facebook Application :

Step1: Login to you Facebook account. Now click here. It will show your all applications those ware added or connected to you Facebook account. Now click on the “X” button beside the app that you want to remove. Then confirm the removal message. Then you are done.

delete a facebook app

delete a facebook app

Once you removed an application from your Facebook account, it will not interact with your account unless you again add it. Enjoy the secure facebook life.


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