google maps flash apiGoogle is purging its products portfolio and one of the products which is going under the trimming scissors include the Google Maps API for Flash. This API allowed developers to add Google Maps functionality to their applications based on Flash. The API was launched in 2008 and developers could use the API to add content to maps and embed maps in web applications in order to make them more interactive. The API is similar to the JavaScript based version.

Google has announced that it will no longer be enhancing the product but will provide only minimalist support to existing premium paying customers. No further developments will be done and only critical issues and bugs will be fixed.  This will basically kill the product as consumers will be encouraged to move to migrate applications to the Maps API v3. The Maps API v3 offers more features like Street View, Fusion Tables integration, Places search and mobile browser support.

The Flash API was not popular as the JavaScript version and sounds like a key factor in abandoning the product. Google does support Flash and its browser has a built in Flash Player and the mobile operating system supports Flash and Flash based applications. The Google products portfolio is being trimmed and streamlined as part of the spring / fall cleaning outlined by Larry Page on the quarterly earnings call.


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