Some of today’s modern browsers are not only a browser, but also a bit security software. Google’s rival browser Chrome is in first place of known for this. Chrome’s malware protection is nothing new. In earlier versions of Chrome, it used Google’s own and other site reputation services to warn when a user is about to enter into a hacked, malware hosted or phishing site.

Chrome virus warning while downloading file

File download warning: x.exe file may harm your browsing experience, so Chrome has blocked it.

"The site ahead contains harmful programs" warning in Chrome

“The site ahead contains harmful programs” warning in Chrome

In recent versions of Chrome, it can also tell if a file you are downloading contains malware/virus or not. Google’s acquisition of in 2012 made it more possible.

Malware website chrome warning

Malware Ahead link warning

Google’s integration of malware and phishing protection in Chrome made us extra confident while visiting unknown websites or downloading executable files. This works as an extra layer between the web and our security solution software. However, there are some “false positives” where Chrome may consider a file or website as host of virus/malware or scam – though it’s not. Or you are downloading a virus intentionally. In these situations, Chrome malware protection poses trouble to accessing some files or links. For such situation, you need to disable the malware protection feature of Chrome.

Depending on the malware, link and environment, Chrome malware warning message may differ. Here’s how to turn it off:

Disable Malware and Phishing Protection on Chrome

  1. Go to Settings from Chrome Menu.
    Access Chrome Settings
  2. Scroll to bottom of the Settings page and click Show advanced settings.
    Show advanced settings on Chrome
  3. Remove the tick-mark from the option Enable phishing and malware protection.
    Disable virus and phishing worning
  4. You are done.

Google’s official help pages has details on Chrome download warnings for malware and suspicious files and phishing alert .


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