Today, Microsoft has released a major Update named “Update 1” for windows 8.1 which makes it user-friendly for Keyboard and Mouse based PCs. You should be able to automatically install the update 1 by checking updates via Windows Updates in your 8.1. But if the update isn’t yet available for your country, or you want to have standalone installer, here, we have got links for you!

Download Links to Windows 8.1 Update 1

Links provided here are from Microsoft’s official site. You have to download all the five MSU files for your corresponding windows 8.1. If the links are not working, search for KB2919355, KB2919442 , etc on torrent sites.

How to Install Update 1 Files on Windows 8.1

As these files are standalone, you are just clicking away to install the Update 1. You have to click on every individual file to install. While installing, if an update file is applicable for your windows, it will ask you to grant the installation. Just hit “Yes”.

Installing Windows 8.1 Update 1

Your computer may demand restart while installing updates.

What’s New in Update 1

Update 1 isn’t a whole operating system. It’s just a patch to 8.1. Important changes include,

  • Title bar, close and minimize buttons, are available on apps from Windows Store.
  • Windows Store apps can be pinned to the Desktop taskbar.
  • Now, booting directly to the Desktop is default.
  • Power and Search Buttons added to Start screen.

Let us know how the Windows 8.1 Update 1 means to you!

Link Courtesy: ExtremeTech


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