Ever thought of editing an APK file of which you don’t have the source code? If you are someone who is involved in Android application development or mess with modding apps or ROMs, this is obviously your day-to-day subject. But APK files are Andriod app packages which are compiled from their original source codes that also include binary files. Thus to bring back an app to its source form, you need to decompile it by reverse engineering process. Reverse engineering involves a lot of steps, complications and time consumptions. You may even fail to crack some of the nuts. Thankfully, there’s a tool named APK Studio that is solely made for this purpose.

APK Studio on Windows

About APK Studio

APK Studio is a cross-platform free and open-source tool that lets you decompile APK files and edit codes and resources and recompile it. You can call it IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which comes with complete user friendly GUI much like other common IDEs. Unlike some APK reverse engineering tools like APKTool which requires you extra text editor, APK Studio includes most of all necessary tools needed to edit and rebuild an APK file.

Note: If you are looking for a minimal APK editor that requires no technical knowledge to edit package name, icon or version info, go for APK Icon Editor.

Though it was initially for Windows only, a fine part of APK Editor is, it’s re-written in QT framework that makes it portable to other platforms. Linux users should rejoices as it has official build for Linux/Ubuntu. And probably it’s the first publicly available complete IDE for Linux of its kind. Developed by XDA Forum Member vaibhavpandeylive, APK Studio is based on Brut.all‘s APKTool. However it is more streamlined derivative of APKTool.

APK Studio for Ubuntu Linux

APK Studio running on Ubuntu | Image credit: vaibhavpandeylive.

APK Studio is Useful for:

  • Viewing the source codes and resources of Android apps.
  • Edit any existing APK file of which you don’t have the source code/files.
  • Customizing or modifying an APK file.
  • Analyzing APKs for security or suspicious code check.
  • Adding features to any app.
  • Debugging an app.

Major Features of APK Studio

  • Decompile/recompile APKs.
  • Multiple framework management.
  • Automatic signing and zip-align.
  • XML/SMALI code assist and syntax highlighting.
  • Shell launcher.
  • Batch Install APKs, pull/disable/enable/uninstall applications.
  • File browser, partition/mount manager.

Thanks to Vaibhavpandey for this awesome tool. As APK Studio is open source, you can also contribute to the project. Source codes can be found at CodePlex.

[Source: XDA Developers | Via: APK Studio]


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