4shared is a free online file storage and sharing service. Though it’s not much common, it’s popular in certain world of users. With a free account, 4shared offer 15Gb free space. They are also specialized in music/video storage and streaming service and even have smartphone apps for that.

Like other cloud services, 4shared also offers client application for desktops and smartphones.  4shared client is called 4shared Desktop which is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS too. Unlike sync clients of most cloud services, 4shared Desktop is intended for managing 4shared online files, and download and upload manually. This means you can’t automatically sync files between online and local drive using 4shared Desktop client.

Change 4shared download directory

Using 4shared Desktop, when you download a file, 4shared uses your Documents folder as default directory. For example, if your Windows user name is Martin, 4shared will download files to C:\Users\Martin\Documents\. In case you need to change this location, some of you may find it confusing how to change it. Proceed to see how you can change 4shared Desktop’s default download folder.

Way to Change 4shared Desktop Download Folder in Windows/Mac/Linux

  1. Select Settings > Options from 4shared Desktop toolbar.
    4shared Settings
  2. In Options window, under Download tab, in Default directory section, you can change location by clicking on directory changer button.
    Change default directory
  3. Once you select your location, hit OK. Review your directory address in Default directory field. Hit OK then.
    Changed location
  4. That’s it.

Bonus: Make it ask for download directory

Enable ask on download

You can put tick-mark on “Always request for destination directory” to make 4shared Desktop ask you for location every time you try to download a file.

Though this guide is made on Windows, this procedure will work on OS X and Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, etc.) too. Hope now you know how to control 4shared client’s download location.


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