Google WalletIf the internet reports any indication a new application that makes contact-less payments a reality and it is soon to hit the market desks. Like any other application it was extensively doing rounds in the Internet. It has been long discussed that Google is readying plans to come up with a platform that paves the way for contact- less payments.

This application has already got the much needed attention and continues to grab the same. And this application dubbed as Google wallet if hits the market will take everyone by storm. This application will find many takers when it will be released into the market because Google with its android has already in its hand sizeable smartphone population.

So if everything goes according to the plan Google will join the players who are all set to roll out near field communication technology dubbed as NFC integrated in mobiles. So next time you want to make a payment just feel safe that you can make payment securely with your mobile phone too. So this is an effort to offer integrated services through mobile all in an effort to make a mobile all-in-one device.

New applications and products constantly come to the rescue of the mobile users. Besides offering functionality there are great fun. With Google offering this contact-less payment it does way with carrying credit cards and other plastic money. This ultimately paves way for contact-less payment and this do it with near field communication dubbed as NFC. So soon consumers will start flashing mobile phones to pay for shopping and get coupons from their handsets itself.

It’s nothing new to see new products and services entering the market. However, only those products that offer solutions to the everyday problems have long ruled the market. With Google integrating NFC technology it enable users to make contact-less payments.

So in every way this Google wallet seems to have unique and valuable benefits that cause it to get noticed. For those who have are looking forward to contact-less payment what it does it is probably a worthwhile investment. It’s certainly worthwhile to take a closer look at it, perhaps even try it out. Call it virtual wallet or digital wallet it is sure going to revolutionize financial transaction by making payments more secured besides providing value added services.

If Google wallet service enters the mobile market Google will join the rank of other companies that are offering the same services. So if you haven’t got your android go get it and don’t forget to sell mobile phones for cash. Now its okay to say sell my mobile phone.


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