A lot of us have different forms of mobile phones and we believe that using these mobile phones is the best for us for so many reasons, either because it is the talk of the town, because a lot of people love it and praise us for using it, because we believe it has a lot of features or because it is highly expensive. The truth is the price of a mobile phone or what people think about it has little to do with how great and effective the mobile phone is and some very little things can make a difference in how great your mobile phone is. While the points below might not be what many of you expect this post will be giving you 3 reasons why your mobile phone suck.

mobiles really sucks

Inconsistent Battery Life

One of the first indications that your mobile phone sucks is if your battery life is inconsistent. If you have to be charging your mobile phone every hour to get the best out of it then you should be rest assured that your mobile phone is not worth it irrespective of what features it has.

No matter the features, a mobile phone cannot work without a battery, and the battery will determine how effective a mobile phone can be. A solid mobile phone battery should be able to last at least 3 days when fully charged as this will make it easy for you to receive calls from your mobile phone while still being able to do some other important things with it.

Network Irregularities

There are two different cases of network irregularity. The first one is the one caused by your mobile network and the second one is that caused by your mobile phone. I have been opportune to see a very great mobile phone with almost all the features a great mobile phone can have, this mobile phone has a large storage, strong battery life, the latest third generation internet browsing feature and a solid and clear camera and video feature. The major problem this mobile phone has is instability when it comes to finding a network; it will discover a network now and in the next 10 minutes it is gone, whereas the network is stable on other mobile phones around using the same network. No matter how great a mobile phone is, it is useless without a solid network so if your mobile phone is giving you network problems you should do your best to return it for another one (if you still have a warranty) or you should purchase a new one.

It is Difficult to Use

Another major problem with some great mobile phones is that they are very difficult to use to the extent that it will even take a mobile phone professional great time and effort to learn how to use it. The best products are backed with ease of use and there is no point in a mobile phone having a lot of functions if you can’t make use of it. A good mobile phone must be easy to use and if your mobile phone is very difficult to use then it sucks!


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