Windows 10 Taskbar Cleaner | Remove Search and Task View Buttons

Windows 10 Taskbar Cleaner

Update: You no longer need this tool as Microsoft officially added option to hide Task View and Search Buttons in its latest Windows 10 build. Right click on Taskbar and uncheck the options:

Options to hide taskview buttons

Remove annoying Search and Task View buttons from Windows 10 Taskbar using Windows 10 Taskbar Cleaner

Are you annoyed with those crappy Search and Task View buttons on Microsoft’s latest iteration of Windows, Windows 10?  The Search button is confusing for most of the users and the Task View button isn’t something majority of users going to use. The problem is Microsoft left no option to disable these buttons. Many people who are using Windows 10 technical preview, have reported that, these buttons – specially the Search button –  are among the big reasons they getting annoyed by Windows 10. Look no further! We have got you covered!

Windows 10 Taskbar cleaner help you easily remove Search and Task View buttons from Windows 10’s taskbar that are placed right after the Start button. This is a very easy and lightweight tool.

Windows 10 Taskbar Cleaner window

Download Latest Version

Application Info:

  • Size: 480KB
  • Portable: Yes, no installation required.
  • Written in: VB .Net


  1. Temporary remove buttons
  2. Permanently remove buttons
  3. Revert back (requires restart)

System Requirements:

  1. Windows 10 Technical Preview
  2. .NET Framework 4.5

Release notes

Version 0.2 (October 13, 2014): Initial release.


Thanks to MyDigitalLife Forums user ‘vali20‘ who first introduced a small script to disable these buttons. Our tool is made to utilized the script more conveniently.

Not Working? Check Troubleshooting and feedback page.

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