It is no doubt that Facebook has become your number one spot to get updates from friends, family, colleagues, companies and many others. It has also become a place of real-time communication among people. Also it helps us when someone has birthday and wish him/her or where and when an event is going to get held. As we all are Google users, and not all have enough time to check Facebook now and then, we may want to sync Facebook birthdays and events with Google calendar. If you are wondering about syncing Facebook friends with Google+, you can only export Facebook Friends to Google with a workaround.

There are some good reasons you might want to have Facebook events in Google calendar.

  • You get all Facebook and Google+ events in one place.
  • You can sync Facebook events with Android device and view them on Android calendar.
  • You can save your time if you are checking Facebook only for events.
  • Your event management gets easier.

Syncing Facebook events with Google calendar means all your existing Facebook events will be exported to Google and new Facebook events will automatically added to Google calendar whenever they come. So once you set the sync, you never have to re-import Facebook events.

Note: The guide is updated with the latest Facebook Events page design.

Guide to Sync Facebook Events to Google Calendar

1. First go to Facebook home page and click on Events from left-hand side (you must be logged in).

Click on Events on Facebook home

2. In the Events page, checkout the lower-right corner. There are two links of calendar. One is Birthdays and another is Upcoming Events.

Upcoming Events link

3. Right click on the link “Upcoming Events” and copy the link address.

Copy Upcoming Events Link

4. Now that you have the link to your Facebook events, it’s time to add the link to Google calendar. Now, head to At lower left-hand side, click on the arrow next to Other Calendar. There, in drop down menu, click “Add by URL“.

Hit Add by URL

5. In the URL field, paste the event calendar link you copied from Facebook. Then hit Add Calendar.

Paste Facebook event link

Note: As a reader suggested, in case webcal:// URL is giving you error, replace webcal:// with https://.

6. Right after, you should see a message, “Imported successfully”. You can now see your newly added calendar at lower left corner. You can also change its settings, change color by clicking or arrow next to the label.


Note: This is an one way sync. Your Facebook events will be synced to Google/Android, but Google Calendar’s events are not going to your Facebook.

Done! You have linked Facebook events with Google calendar. From now, Google calendar will automatically sync your Facebook events. You can also see your Facebook events on your Android phone’s calendar if you use same Google account and turn the calendar sync on in android account settings. You can use that Facebook provided event sync link to other services like Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, etc. to sync events.


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