Most cloud storage clients will created a predefined folder on your PC which they use to sync files and folders with online. Therefore you have to copy your updated files and documents to that folder to sync or upload them to online storage. Dropbox is not an exception to this scenario. Dropbox will use its default folder to put and sync your files and folder. Thus, normally if you want sync your Documents folder with Dropbox, you have to copy it or its files to Dropbox folder. Here’s a trick with which you can keep your “Documents” folder automatically synchronized with Dropbox without moving or touching it.

Sync Documents for with Dropbox

How it works

We will create a folder in Dropbox and symlink (Symbolic Link) it to Documents folder. Thus the folder will act as a mirror link to the main Documents folder and leading to sync all documents and files inside it with the folder which is in Dropbox. In earlier time, we used windows symlink feature to install Chrome on a custom location. Using symlink trick, you can also sync your Documents folder with Google Drive. Proceed to follow the guide for Dropbox. Before that, make sure you have installed and running Dropbox properly on your PC.

You can create Symbolic links using Windows command prompt, but we will use a free tool Symlink Creator for easier procedure.

Guide to Sync Documents folder with Dropbox

  1. Enter into Dropbox folder and create a Folder with which you want to sync Documents folder. For example, I am creating a folder naming MyDocuments.Create a folder
  2. Now run Symlink Creator. Under Type of Link, choose Directory Symbolic Link.
    Choose Directory Symbolic Link
  3. Then at Destination, click Browse and point to the folder MyDocuments that is inside Dropbox Folder.
    Point Destination folder
  4. And at Source, click Browse and point your actual Documents folder.
    Point Source folder
  5. After you pointed both folder properly, hit Create Link.
    Create symlink
  6. Click Yes on confirmation screen. Then you are done.

Now you can go and check your MyDocuments folder and you will find exactly all the files and folders as they are in original Documents folder. From now on, whenever you save or put any document on your default Documents folder, it will also sync with Dropbox. That means you are syncing your Documents folder with Dropbox without moving or copying it at all.


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