Nowadays, checking weather is no matter to anyone. May be it is as easy as pouring water in glass. But having weather update right in front comes more handy. Yesterday, I have shown how you can display weather on Windows system tray or as screensaver. Later it came in mind that, as for Windows 8, some users might appreciate to have weather in lock screen. Though, most of you may guess this can be done by customizing Windows 8 lock screen, still many of you may wonder how to do it. So here’s a simple guide to display weather on lock screen.

Windows 8 lockscreen weather

Display weather on Windows 8 and 8.1 lock screen

1. To show weather, we first need to install a weather app from store. The official weather app “Bing Weather” by Microsoft is installed by default. If you happened to uninstalled it, install it from Windows store. Or search for other weather apps if you don’t prefer it. There are many weather apps that work with Windows 8 lock screen in Windows store. Here I will use Bing Weather app.

Note: If you have a weather app installed with configured location, jump to step 5.

2. After you have a weather app installed from Windows store, enter into app from start menu.

Enter into weather app

3. At first run, the weather app should ask you for location. For manual location selection, right-click on the app window. Then choose Current Location.

Change location in Bing Weather

5. After you set your location properly, close the app. Go to your Windows 8 Settings. In case you don’t know, hover your mouse over top-right corner of desktop and move to toward lower. It should bring Settings link as below:

Access Windows 8 settings

5. In settings sidebar, click Change PC Settings.

Click Change PC Settings

6. In PC Settings page, under Personalize, click Lock Screen.

Click Lock Screen

7. In lock screen customizer page, hit the ‘+‘ icon under ‘Choose an app to display detailed status‘.

8. After you get a prompt to choose app, select your preferred app.

Choose lock screen app

9. You are done adding weather app in your lock screen.

Set lock screen apps

To see if the app is working with lock screen press Windows+L using your keyboard and your Windows will be locked. As of mine, my lock screen was following:

Weather on Windows 8 lock screen

You can see a little weather update in my lockscreen. That’s it.


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