If you are a smartphone user, checking weather forecast is one tap away from your hand. But what about those who passes most of the time on PC and want to see weather update and forecast on desktop without multiple clicks? Nowadays getting whether update is not difficult as you can see it anywhere on web or using a desktop program. But, my purpose of this post is to help you display weather on desktop in windows system tray or as screensaver without entering into a website or click into a software. You can find many windows tools to show you weather updates on windows desktop but most of them do not come with the feature to display weather in windows taskbar (or in system tray). I have tested many weather apps, and found YoWindow, an easy and free app developed by Repkasoft has the feature that doesn’t require you to enter into the software every time to know weather update. It also includes many cool features that you will appreciate.

Display weather on windows taskbar and screensaver

Key features of YoWindow weather app

  • Display weather in system tray (notification area).
  • Weather screensaver with automatic visual changing on current weather.
  • It can auto-start with Windows, so you don’t have to open it every time you start you PC.
  • Option to choose different kinds of cool landscapes like Village, Seaside, Airport, Sky, etc.
  • Option to change scaling unit.
  • Option to change weather data source.
  • Cross-platform.

Display weather on Windows system tray

1. Download YoWindow from yowindow.com. Install it (I tested it on Windows 8.1 and it says it’s compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 too)

2. After download, install it and run. At first run, it should ask you to select your location. Enter your appropriate location and hit OK.

YoWeather location picker window

2. After a while it should start to show weather temperature in taskbar’s system tray. You can close the app and the temperature will be continued to show by minimizing to system tray (notification area).

Weather temperature in system tray

3. You can hover your mouse over the temperature and it will display additional details. To open the app, double click on tray icon.

Weather details on mouse hover

Now every time you restart your PC, your preferred location’s temperature will automatically be shown in system tray. Just move your mouse over there to see wind speed, pressure, humidity etc.

Display weather in Windows Screensaver

1. You can use YoWindow as weather screensaver for windows. To configure and set weather screensaver, open up the app, click Set YoWindow as Screensaver under Program.

Set YoWIndows Screensaver

2. It should bring windows Screen Saver Settings tool. From there, under Screen Saver, choose YoWindow. You can also change waiting time. After you set all, click Apply.


3. So now you have configured Windows screen save for weather. After your preferred time, weather screensaver should run if your mouse and keyboard are inactive.

Weather screensaver

The landscapes used here are very artistic and all keep changing depending on the weather condition. If it’s raining, you will see rains here, if it’s snowing is out there, snows will be here too.

Display weather on Browser

If you don’t want to install windows app, you can view weather on browser using YoWindow extension for Chrome.

Weather on Browser

Source: YoWindow chrome extension page

YoWindow also has free apps for Android and iOS. If you have a website, you can display weather on your website using YoWindow widget too.

After All, YoWindow is a truly cross-platform tool to view weather information in more convenient way.

Via instantfundas | Source: yowindow.


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