Transmission is a popular cross-platform BitTorrent client with which you can download or share torrent files (P2P file share) easily. It is free and open-source. What makes it special is, it’s so lightweight and works out of the box. Unlike other torrent clients, it doesn’t hog your system resource. Though settings and file information are not directly shown, you can easily access them with one or two clicks away. The reason it hides other optional UI elements is to keep the main application window as simple as possible. It also comes with free “encryption” support. Thankfully this open-source software comes with most major features a BitTorrent client should have. It also has remote access feature like uTorrent.

BitTorrent client Transmission

Because of its simplicity, many Linux Distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, etc. come with Transmission pre-installed. Transmission is readily available to download for more than eight platforms. It’s very popular among many OS X users. A Qt based Transmission is also available for Windows.

However, while using Transmission, you might want to control its upload or download speed. If your internet subscription has low upload speed, seeding a torrent in Transmission would give you great trouble. You internet browsing experience will suffer. Pages will slowly load in your browser. And other running applications on your computer that require good internet connection will hardly thrive. In this case, you need to limit torrent upload speed of Transmission. Proceed to see how to do it.

Limit Upload/Download Speed “for Specific File”

  1. Right-click on the file and choose Properties from context menu options.
    File properties in Transmission
  2. In Properties window, under Options tab, you will find limit options for both upload and download as below:
    Speed limit options
  3. To limit the speed of upload, mark “Limit upload speed” and change the speed value (kb/s) to your desired one.
    Enable Upload Speed limitation
  4. Close the window with Close button. That’s it.

Limit “Globally” (for all files)

  1. Click on the gear icon from bottom-left corner of main window.
    Gear icon in Transmission
  2. From here, you can limit both upload and download speed quickly and easily as below:
    Globally limit all speed
  3. With this you can limit speed for all torrent files in Transmission.

Bonus: There’s a turtle icon next to the gear icon at bottom-left corner to quickly limit both upload and download to 50kb/s.


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