Today, Gmail is the number one and most popular Email service out there. Even if you use multiple Email services, say outlook, yahoo or anything else, there’s more possibility that you use Gmail too and it’s your primary Email account. Being a Google service, using Gmail is more convenient than other Email services.

Therefor if you receive important Emails very often, you have to check for new Emails by opening your browser’s window, visiting the Gmail inbox and seek for new Emails. For most of us who actually stay busy with works, have to consume a significant amount of time to read new Emails. Manually checking for every new Email explicitly kills productivity at work. Checker Plus for Gmail is a free but comprehensive Chrome extension that took the Email checking problems into mind and adds the ability to receive, read, delete and send Gmail Emails right from your browser’s window without needing of entering into Gmail.

Popup desktop notification of Gmail

Checker Plus for Gmail will check for new Emails on your Gmail accounts and instantly notify you with a pop-up notification making a sound. If you are away from your desktop, it will read out the Email loudly mentioning the sender and subject too. It works even if your browser is closed. It can work with multiple Gmail accounts.

Features of Checker Plus for Gmail

  • Notify you when you receive a new Email with a small pop-up including a sound.
  • It reads the new Email loudly when you are away from your desktop.
  • Automatically access Gmail if you are logged in on your browser. You don’t need to add account manually to the extension.
  • Multiple Gmail account support.
  • Group Emails into the pop-up when you receive more than one Email.
  • Read, Delete, Archive and Send Emails right from Chrome toolbar.
  • Numerous options to configure in settings.

Advantages of using this Extension

  • You are receiving your new Emails directly on desktop. No matter your Chrome is open or minimized. Works even when Chrome is Closed.
  • Checker Plus will check for Emails in real-time. So there’s actually no delay.
  • You get to know about the new Emails almost instantly like SMS.
  • Instantly reply to an Email without entering into Gmail.
  • When you are away, you can automatically hear what’s written in that new Email And who sent that.
  • Works with the most used browser Chrome.
  • You get notifications for your all Gmail accounts.

Checker Plus for Gmail in Action

Get some visuals of Checker Plus for Gmail extension in action.

  • This is how it notifies you with sound when your new Email(s) arrive:
    New Email Popup
  • Checker Plus shows the number of unread Emails in Chrome Toolbar.
    Number of new emails in Chrome Toolbar
  • You can click on Checker Plus icon to open all unread Emails and do whatever you want.
    New Emails in Toolbar
  • You can open, read and reply any unread Email right into Checker Plus.
    Read Gmails in Chrome Toolbar
  • Multiple account support.
    Multiple accounts at once

How to Install and Use Checker Plus for Gmail with Chrome

  1. Add Check Plus for Gmail with your Chrome.
  2. You don’t need to add Gmail account manually. Just visit normally and sign in if you are not.
  3. Once you have signed into any of your Gmail accounts, Checker Plus will automatically add access to that account and you never have to visit again.
  4. To add more accounts, visit then click on your profile picture from top right corner then click Add Account. Then sign in to another Gmail account that you want get added to Check Plus too.

Checker Plus Options

To access Checker Plus settings, right-click on the extension icon from Chrome toolbar and click Options. Checker Plus comes with a huge number of settings to make you feel at home.

Checker Plus Configuration

You can choose between male or female voice, disable audio notification, disable desktop notification, change graphical elements, change the way it notifies you, customize its UI to make it yours and much more.

Note: To make it work in background when Chrome is closed, enable the option Run in background when Google Chrome is closed under Notification tab. Also make sure “Continue running background app when Chrome is closed” isn’t turned off in Chrome advanced settings.

Checker Plus for Gmail is the only complete solution for Gettings pop-up and audio notification for Gmail on Desktop. You can call it Gmail client for Chrome. As Chrome is a cross-platform browser, this extension should also work on Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. However it didn’t work for me when I tested it on Chrome on Ubuntu.


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