There are many English to Bangla dictionaries available for windows but if you are looking for this software for your Java mobile phone, it’s hard to find nowadays! Because there are very little numbers of English to Bengali or Bengali to English dictionaries are developed for old java devices. Even many times I was asked by my friends, “Where can I get Bengali to English dictionary for my cell phone which will be in .*jar format?”, “Is there any free source from where I can download a pocket dictionary for my Symbian phone OS ?” So I written this post for all of you. There already a handy E2B dictionary made for Java(JavaME) and Symbian phones. It’s named E2BDictionary.jar .

E2BDictionadry Details :

Developer : MD. Waliul Islam from BUET, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
OS Support : Java(JavaME/J2ME), Symbian(All).
License : Completely Free.
Usability: Excellent!
Android Phone Support: No!

E2B Dictionary for Java

How E2B Dictionary looks like on a Java Phone:

E2BDictionary Home (English to Bengali dictionary for mobile phones)

E2BDictionary Home

Direct Download Link of E2BDictionary :

Download E2BDictionary directly form our server! If you download it from PC, copy it to your phone. Let us know if it worked for you!


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