How many times you have downloaded APK files directly from third party sources rather than Google Play? The official Android app store Google Play lets you install apps to your phone or tablet, whatever the app you want. But the matter is, it doesn’t let you save the APK file of the app you are downloading. It just installs the apps. But in some cases we need to have the installation file (apk file) of our Android apps which help us install apps later offline without going to store. Unfortunately neither of web or application version of Google Play makes it possibility to directly download APKs right from their store.

In a previous post, I have mentioned about a web service called evozi apk downloader which you can use to generate direct download links to APK files by providing links to Google Play of a target app. The downside with this service is, you have to manually copy to app link of play store and then copy it over there to generate the APK package download link which costs you extra time. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a “Download APK” button directly appearing next to every app on Google play on your browser? APK Downloader extension for Chrome by Evozi makes it happen.

Add apk download button to Chrome

About APK Downloader for Chrome

APK Downloader is an free Chrome extension which assembles an APK downloader button on every Android app page on Google Play which lets you Directly download APK files. This the most convenient APK downloader ever to download from official store.

How to Configure it

  1. Add APK Downloader to your Chrome.
  2. Head to Chrome extension manager chrome://extensions/ and click on Options next to APK Downloader.
    Chrome extension page
  3. Fill up your Gmail address, Gmail password (they are not supposed to store your password; it’s for connecting you account only) and GSF ID Key (get GSF Key using Device ID app from your Android Phone).
    APK Downloader Configuration
  4. Hit Sign in.
  5. Now visit to an app on Google Play, and you will find a “Download APK” button appearing below of the app name. Use this button to directly download APK files directly to your desktop using Chrome.

Note for two-step authentication: If you have enabled two-step verification on you Gmail account, you need to make an application specific password over account settings page.

After All, having a Download button on web version of Google Play Store is one of the biggest dreams many Android freaks could dream of. However you cannot download paid apps using it.


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