If you are an Android Phone or Tablet user, and you want to keep track and control of things happening on your Android phone remotely over air, AirDriod, a free Android app developed by Sand Studio is probably the best solution for you. Actually AirDroid lets you take complete (almost) control of your Android device from a modern web browser just using internet. No matter where your Device is, as long as your Android is connected to internet with AirDroid app is installed and activated, you can access your device, receive text messages, view phone calls in real time, transfer files between your PC and Phone or even phone’s one folder to another folder and many other thing right from a web browser form your Desktop.

Using AirDroid to Remotely Control Android Device

1. First download AirDroid app from Google Play. Now in app, Sign in via a social log in or create an account using an email address.

2. After the device app is ready, visit web.airdroid.com from a web browser on your Desktop and use same sign in method you used on your phone. You can also scan the QR code (shown on the browser) from Android app to connect fast. After successful connection, you should the presented with the following web interface.

AirDroid Web Interface

You can see, you can control most of important thing from here in big screen without tapping into your phone’s small screen.

Major Features of AirDroid

  • Read and send text messages.
  • Reject phone calls with SMS, View Call Logs.
  • Access Contacts.
  • View current details of Phone, memory usages, battery status, network signal etc.
  • Install and Uninstall Apps.
  • Take Screenshots (requires root access).
  • Notification Mirroring (Get Android notifications right to Desktop)
  • Track Phone’s location, remote lock, wipe data (useful if your phone gets lost or stolen).
  • Access Camera.
  • Access, transfer files.
  • View Photos, Videos and Musics.

Doing these things in a convenient way from a desktop browser was always my dream. AirDroid made it true. AirDroid does all these thing very efficiently and securely. Some features need premium subscription. Free users are allocated to 100 MB of total data quota per month. AirDroid has a special tool called “Toolbox”. With Toolbox, you can drag and drop any File, URL, even APK files to your Phone.

AirDroid Toolbox

No doubt AirDroid will make your work more productive cause you don’t have to get off your work to look up the phone to know who texted you or who called you that call you missed. For me, at first, I was overwhelmed to see its capability.

[Links: AirDroid app on Google Play | Web Access: web.airdroid.com]


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