Windows 8 exciting featuresWindows 8 is the next version of the Windows operating system slated to be released. It is expected that this version will offer a number of exciting new features. These features incorporate various aspects from both the development side to the end user side of computing. Windows 8 should be a tremendous advancement of the Windows operating system. With these additions, users will no longer have to spend as much time on their computers and can begin to promote fitness-filled living throughout the technology world. Below are 8 new features in Windows 8 that you should be excited for in the upcoming release.

8 Exciting Features of Windows 8

1 – Hybrid Boot

The Hybrid Boot option is a new feature in Windows 8. It uses advanced hibernation functionality when the computer shuts down and that helps give it a faster start-up time. This feature appears to be a combination of the classic shutdown and the hibernate feature. Users should benefit from the speedy reboot process.

2 – Portable Workspace

Another exciting new feature of Windows 8 is the ability to create a Portable Workspace on a USB storage device or external hard drive. A full installation of Windows 8 Enterprise Edition can be placed on the storage device if it has ample storage capacity. In this case that would require at least 16 Gb of space.

The Portable Workspace feature would be useful for having different instances of the Windows 8 operating system available for debugging and testing purposes. The USB or external hard drive device with Portable Workspace installed could also be used as the backup boot disk in the event of crash or failure of the primary computer. This is another example of the versatile and powerful features found in Windows 8.

3 – App X

App X is an exciting new Windows 8 feature that will give software develops a common application format to run apps on the Windows tablet and Windows phone. Reportedly based on XAPs for Silverlight, App X would simplify the development of apps that could run on multiple devices such as desktops, phones, tablet computers, and other devices. This should allow new apps to have very similar features across the different platforms.

4- Windows App Store

With the increased popularity of apps that have become commonplace in the mobile device, Windows 8 will bring an integrated Windows App Store feature to the new Windows 8 operating system. The Windows App Store will allow users a way to review new apps and buy them online. Having a centralized app store has had a tremendous impact on the purchase and usage of apps on smartphones and mobile devices.

This exciting new feature of Windows 8 should provide a centralized and convenient place to learn about and acquire new applications. If the popularity of apps on mobile devices is any indication, this feature should boost the development and availability of apps for the Windows 8 operating system.

5 – Windows 8 Cloud Synchronization

Cloud computing is coming to Windows 8. Cloud synchronization in Windows 8 is an exciting new feature that will allow connection to cloud-based services such as Windows Live and other third party cloud services. This feature is expected to provide seamless integration for the synchronization and storage of data on cloud-based servers. This should give users greater flexibility, computing power, and virtual storage space when using Windows 8.

6 – Immersive Browser

Another exciting new feature of Windows 8 that you should be excited for is the Immersive Browser feature. This compact version of the browser will be comparable to the Windows 7 mobile version of Internet Explorer. Featuring a limited number of controls on the browser, it will provide the necessary items such as address bar, favicon, and other key buttons to leave ample desktop space for convenient and efficient browsing. Some early screenshots of the Windows 8 operating system indicate that the controls and navigation bar will be located at the bottom of the Immersive Browser.

7 – Windows 8 Ribbon User Interface

Windows 8 will feature a ribbon user interface that is similar to the ribbon interface found in Microsoft Office 10. The ribbon user interface places the menus and icons in a ribbon-like toolbar across the page. This feature has been met with disdain by many users of Microsoft Office 10. However, if it is implemented properly in Windows 8, perhaps with an option to turn it off, it could be another exciting new feature of Windows 8.

8 – History Vault

History Vault is an exciting new feature of Windows 8 that provides an automatic backup of files and documents. History Vault will allow the user the ability to select previous versions of a file based on the time stamp of that particular file. This feature is expected to build upon the current Shadow Copy feature of Windows 7. It should become a more advanced and robust aspect of the Windows 8 operating system.

Concrete details on how the new Windows 8 feature will be implemented leaves some uncertainty on how the backed up files will be stored via the History Vault feature. However, there are numerous possibilities especially with the availability of cloud computing which makes virtual storage space readily accessible. The Cloud Synchronization feature of Windows 8 should make using cloud services for backing up files via History Vault a strong possibility.


These are just some of the new features of Windows 8 that should have everyone that is anticipating the new release of the Windows 8 very excited. Microsoft has upped the ante with the inclusion of these new features. Microsoft is headed in the right direction by incorporating mobile, tablet, and cloud-based features into the new Windows 8 release. Integration between the multiple platforms and services that the new Windows 8 features provide should be a boon for developers and very exciting and beneficial to the end user.


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