This past summer, I had the fortune of getting to travel to Europe. On my trip, I went to England, Italy, and France. As a native English speaker, England was very easy to navigate and enjoy. Italy and France were a bit more challenging though due to the language barrier.

Top iphone travel apps

One thing that I was able to take advantage of was my iPhone and the apps that are available for travel. In this article, I will take a look at some of the apps that I found to be the most helpful while traveling. You may also require travel budget planning iPhone Apps before start.

Google Translate

Google translate was the most helpful app that I found, especially in countries that I did not speak the native language. Google translate will translate up to 57 languages. The coolest thing about Google translate is that you can speak the word or phrase and the translation will appear on the screen. As you can imagine, an efficient and quick translation program was very useful.


Looking for a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop? If so, Yelp is the app you want to use for this. Yelp is worldwide and provides descriptions, prices, and reviews of restaurants, stores, etc. When traveling, you don’t know the lay of the land and these user reviews can be very helpful when trying to choose a restaurant or store.


A foreign subway or bus system can be very confusing. You are in luck as MetrO is here to help you navigate the local transportation. MetrO contains public trtransportation maps for over 400 cities worldwide. If MetrO doesn’t have the city you are traveling to, it may be worth checking for a local app. Also, AllSubway HD is a good alternative if it has the city you are traveling to.


FlightBoard simply allows you to see arrival and departure times for flights at an airport with the gates the flights are arriving/departing from. This simple app can be very valuable when in a foreign airport or when running late for a flight.

Around Me

Around Me is another app to help you find dining, gas, banks, coffee, etc. This app simply brings up a list of the places around you and then helps you get to the place if you want to go to it. This is a great app if you need to find a bank, bathroom, or gas station quickly.


TripAdvisor is great when trying to plan your trip initially. It offers reviews, pictures, and more of the places you are trying to book. This app would also be helpful if you missed a flight and need to find an emergency hotel/flight.

Using Google search you can also get most of them for android phone.


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