iPhone Apps to improve productivityIf you are basically unorganized, but own an iPhone, you’re in great luck. iPhone’s many applications to improve day-to-day productivity can put you several steps ahead of the rest of them. We all deal with constant information overload and it’s understandable that many things slip down the cracks. With these 10 great iPhone apps, you’ll never have to worry about organizing your time, money, lists, reminders and other stuff ever again.

1. Track Time Spent On Tasks With Hourstracker

Do you lose track of the hours you spend on a task at work? This is how deadlines get shifted and frustration begins. Use HoursTracker to record time spent on work; this app comes in especially useful when you bill clients based on time spent. Input the hours you need to spend, and track the actual time spent to create your billing sheets.

2. Manage Your Cash Flow With Ixpenseit

iXpenselt allows you to stay on top of your cash investments and expenses. You can monitor cash flows, generate PDF reports for tax filing and reporting, analyze trends, get a graphical view of your spending patterns, and find ways to save more. Create and track income, expenses and cash flow from multiple customized budgets.

3. Keep Track Of Daily Tasks With Things

Stay on top of your daily tasks using Things. The Things application takes care of your meetings, phone call reminders, those tasks that you always forget and so on. There are several task management apps on iPhone but Things is easy to use; it neither oversimplifies nor makes things difficult. With this app, you can effortlessly manage your notes, to-dos, due dates, project deadlines and so on. Schedule and track your tasks using the smart today list and the scheduling feature.

4. Be Productive With Personal Finances Using Mint

Mint is an iPhone app helps you remain productive with your personal finances. This free app with its several features help you budget your finances, track your investments, and stay on top of every aspect of your finances. The detailed and visually appealing graphs provide an easy way to track spend peaks, lows, and investment potential.

5. No More Waiting For Customer Reps If You Use Lucyphone

Talk to anyone who’s been kept waiting on the phone line for customer representatives and you’ll know everyone shares your frustration. A great deal of our time is wasted waiting on the line for service. No more – just use Lucyphone and you’re rid of waiting on the line forever. Just provide a number for the service to call you back on and Lucyphone will ensure your phone rings when a customer representative is free.

6. Get Reminded Using ReQall

In this day of information overload and never-ending barrage of tasks, responsibilities, we can all use a good reminder application. Use ReQall iPhone app and never worry about forgetting any task. This app allows you to organize your reminders and schedule them easily. You’ll always know whom to wish, whom to call, and what to do at any given point in time by using this application.

7. Share Information Easily Through Bump

Sharing information has been made very easy by thousands of applications, but have you ever heard of bumping your phone and sharing info with another? Imagine you are at a party and you want to share your phone number, address, website URL and other personal information with someone else. If the other person has an iPhone as well, all you do is start the Bump app, and bump your phone to the other person’s phone. Your details will be transferred immediately.

8. Quickly Turn Voice To Text Using Jott

It can be a bother to type your notes or use a digital pen to write on screens. It’s much easier to record your notes verbally while on the go. Here’s a nifty app just for that; Jott for iPhone quickly converts your voice to text. Now all you do is turn this application on and you can send emails, post to Twitter and take notes while you’re driving, mowing your lawn and even while gardening!

9. Manage Files Using FileMagnet

Using the FileMagnet application is an excellent way to read documents, share them and manage all your files while on the go. This app allows you to sync files from your computer or laptop. This app supports both Windows and Mac. You can use this app to copy files as well. The offline support this app provides you helps to turn your iPhone into a portable drive that you can carry around and copy what you want.

10. Attend Meetings From Anywhere Using Cisco Webex Meeting Center

Cisco Webex Meeting Center is a free iPhone application using which you can attend meetings from anywhere in the world, at any time. All you’ll need is to carry your iPhone and remain connected to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi. Use this application to schedule, attend, and start WebEx meetings on your iPhone. Attendees can enjoy the integrated video and audio, view documents and applications and share screens within the meeting. This iPhone app allows you to view other attendees and start private or group chats with them. If you have WebEx installed on your PC, you can even transfer a meeting while it’s in progress from your PC to iPhone and vice versa with just a click.


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