yahoo messenger starts automatically. Disable itYahoo messenger is a such application which runs automatically when you boot up our OS like windows. Because it has a feature to start automatically with computer which is switched on and it adds itself to startup section. But if you don’t use yahoo messenger frequently you may want to stop it’s auto start. Because it’s annoying and also slow up our computer’s performance. I also showed how to disable GTalk auto start up.

Stop Yahoo Messenger’s Auto Start

From Yahoo Messenger
Run your yahoo messenger. Signin to your account. After signin, go to Messenger > Preference > UnCheck “Automatically Start Yahoo Messenger“.

Disable yahoo messenger auto startNow apply your settings to save it. Now you disabled yahoo messenger auto start up.

From MSConfig in Windows
You can also remove the entry of yahoo messenger from msconfig’s start up section. To do it go to run > msconfig > start up > Uncheck yahoo messenger and then apply.

But I strongly suggest you to disable startup from yahoo messenger. Because if you do it using msconfig, yahoo messenger will automatically add itself to startup.


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