Shared web hosting for new businessNavigating the differences between dedicated servers, virtual private servers and shared hosting providers can be difficult if you’re just starting out. To choose the right server for your business, you’ll need to understand how they differ. Each offers separate features that can greatly affect the way your website runs. For most new websites, shared hosting is the best choice. This introductory guide will help you determine if shared hosting provides a good solution for your business.

What You’ll Get

When you use a shared web hosting provider, your website will be stored on a server with many other websites. For privacy and security, your site will be partitioned off onto its own section of the server. There will likely be limitations on the amount of storage space and bandwidth you can use, but most new websites will have more than enough space for their needs. Your web host will also manage the server, keeping it updated with necessary software and security programs.

The Benefits of Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting is almost always the most affordable choice. By sharing server space with other websites, you’ll pay less than you would for the extra space that comes with larger servers. You’ll also save on the cost of managing the server, as this fee is typically included in the total cost from the hosting provider. For those who aren’t tech-savvy, shared hosting is also the easiest solution. If you run your website through a dedicated or virtual private server, you’ll usually be responsible for installing programs and monitoring security. When you choose a shared hosting provider, you don’t need to know anything about server maintenance. The provider does everything for you.

Determining the Right Hosting for Your Website

Shared hosting providers are suitable for most websites, as they offer a cost-effective choice with low maintenance. They are not for everyone because they do not always offer the same levels of space, speed and security that virtual private servers and dedicated servers can. If you’ll be running a large website that requires heavy security and encryption for private customer information, you might need a dedicated or virtual server.

Ultimately, you should choose your web hosting provider after carefully considering your budget and the amount of control you need. Shared hosting providers are generally best suited for new websites and companies in search of simplicity. With a shared hosting provider, you receive the benefits of an all-around, affordable service.


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