Update: The most awaited  iPhone 5 of 2011 has just released on October 14, 2011 as ‘iPhone 4S” with iOS 5. Now it’s easy to think that the next iPhone after 4S must be iPhone 5. Checkout the new features of iOS 5.

iPhone 5 cloud release

Although Apple, Inc. has a devoted following of users and is a firmly established brand name around the world, people do not recognize just how big such a company is. IBM is big, people perceive it as big, but Apple? It was always the underdog, the debonair brand that is rather making posh and stylish products than making big bucks, a company that somehow seemed close to all the users, not a corporate behemoth. The truth is actually exactly the opposite.
Apple, Inc. is a worldwide corporation that is one of the major players in IT technology and consumer electronics, with total revenue that borders on $ 70 billion annually. For comparison, this is approximately the double revenue of what the Walt Disney Company, with all the resorts, theme parks, movies, animated pictures, merchandising and whatnot. To put it simple, Apple is the Walt Disney Company times two. Not convinced? How about this: Apple is the Walt Disney Company and the Coca Cola Company combined. Do you get the picture now?

The little Apple

In such large companies, such as Apple undoubtedly is, everything has to function on a schedule. It is vital to adhere to schedules, otherwise all production and release plans need to be revised. Apple does not have a dozen PR departments; there is a big one, a very capable one, but still just one. This PR department does the magic by exactly knowing when what taking place is and when which product is scheduled to see the light of the day, or rather the eyes of the public.

Corporate waters

Developing, producing and manufacturing a new product is not happening without proper planning way in advance. With devices that have such an importance, such as iPhone, releasing a completely new generation cannot simply be decided within days, not even within months. For the very same reasons Apple has maintained clear schedules that were followed meticulously and without an unexpected surprise to mud the waters. All four generations of iPhones up to date were released in June or July and some new release is expected to take place this June or July, whereby the rumor mill has it that an upgraded version of the iPhone 4, the “S” series is expected to hit the stores.

November dates highly unlikely

As of yet, no major releases related to the iPhone have been either scheduled or made. No plans for a November release have been made public, only a retail store representative made a comment that has been interpreted as a possible clue. It is possible that the upgraded version of the iPhone 4 may be delayed in release and be made available in November, rather than June or July as previously expected. There are no serious indications or information available as per an iPhone 5 release in this year at all. Therefore should this rumor about the Apple iPhone 5 be cautiously regarded as just another PR stunt and nothing more, unless official confirmation upgrades it to at least a possible release date?


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