iOS 5 comes with 200 new feauresWith over 200 new features, the new iOS 5 can seem daunting and difficult. The truth is these features are there to make your life easier. While no individual tool or feature can make you more productive, some of these features will save you time to help you make yourself more productive. The following are only six of the many new features you can look forward to when you upgrade and use iOS 5.


iMessage is the new free text message service provided with Apple devices. It will replace the Message application, and will be installed on every iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iMessage is similar to BlackBerry’s Messenger because it allows users to send an unlimited number of texts to anyone else using an iDevice. Users can start a conversation on one device and then continue it on another through wireless syncing.

Camera Upgrades

Some users of other camera phones have complained about the time it takes to open a camera application and take a picture. By the time they get everything ready, the moment may be gone. iOS 5 shortens the time a user needs to take out their device, pull up the camera application, and capture a moment. A photo button appears when the user double clicks the home button on the locked screen, and the volume button takes the picture.


When a user signs up for iCloud, they will be provided with 5 GB of online storage and streaming of their media files for free, and even more storage can be purchased as well. An iCloud account will give the user access to a new email client, calendar, contacts, and documents on the cloud. Using this account can help keep the user’s iPhone and other iCloud friendly devices in sync with the server.

Notification Center

Notifications no longer cause all other phone activity to cease with iOS 5. Incoming messages and other notifications appear for a short time at the top of the screen without interrupting other activities on the phone. To get to the organized Notification center, all the user has to do is swipe down from the top of the screen, or the user could access new notifications directly from the Lock Screen. Once the user gets to the Notification Center, they can set up notifications for any application that supports it, and they can include other fun widgets for weather, stocks, etc.

Keyboard Shortcuts

With iOS 5, under Settings and then under Keyboard, the user can see a new Shortcuts section. This will allow the user to enter commonly used personal phrases and create a shortcut to use to those phrases whenever they need them. Once the phrase has been added, the user will see a shortcut to the phrase in the auto-correct bar when they begin to type the phrase anywhere on their device. This could help prevent the frustration and embarrassment caused by some auto-correction mistakes.


Finally, Reminders is a wonderful new feature that comes with iOS 5. This application allows users to make lists of tasks that have specific due dates, add a reminder for that date and time or location, and then add a name and a note to the reminder to help the user remember exactly what they are supposed to do. This great application, along with the other features mentioned here, will help the user become more organized and productive.

Guest author Amy Young is working for a financial education company. They strive to educate the general public, especially those with bad credit, about their personal finance and credit options.